Goblins, Parents, and Other Monsters, by DC Fergerson

(The Wicked Instruments Book 3)

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Ruling a city is hard, especially if all you want to do is make people happy. If Princess Leanna Moonbody has learned one thing, it’s that no good deed goes unpunished. A new group called C.A.L.M. (The Coalition Against Leanna Moonbody) wants her removed, holding Audience Day with her people is like interviews at a madhouse, and her father insists on visiting her for the first time.

Leanna can’t even run from her problems. Dragons, goblins, an unruly pegasus, and a wandering spirit that loves to party all await her in this adventure of The Wicked Instruments!



D.C. Fergerson

Pulling from the rich history of epic D&D fantasy campaigns and a warped sense of humor, I’ve decided to share my madness with the world. My biggest influences are Douglas Adams, Chuck Palahniuk, RA Salvatore, and George RR Martin.

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Author: CJPerry

CJ Perry is sarcastic liberal nerd that played too much Dungeons & Dragons in his youth and never learned respect for authority, couth, or how to line dance. He is a NY transplant in the swing state of NC trying to vote it blue. He enjoys; writing, fantasy, writing fantasy, commas, and long, redundant lists.

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