Loatia, The World of the Godswar Chronicles: Aflua, the Kingdom of Light

In Dark Communion, the Kingdom of Light is mentioned only briefly. In Book 2, The Apostate Prince, we meet a visitor from there, but the story will not visit this great Kingdom until Book 4. Here you can learn more about it, from races, to official religions, and from government to guilds. Almost everything needed for a campaign in this kingdom is here. Stay tuned though, more maps and details are coming…



  • 74% Human

  • 11% Dwarf
  • 10% Halfling
  • 3% Half-elf
  • .5% Half-Dwarf
  • .5% Half-Orc
  • .5% Quarterling
  • .2% Hublin
  • .2% Gnome
  • .05% Goblin
  • .05% Orc

Total Population: 40 Million

Capital City: Aflua, Population: 250,000

Main exports: Tobacco, Sugar Cane, Coffee, Cocoa, Peanuts, Rice, Cotton

Main Imports: Iron, Dwarven Spirits

Longest Length North to South: 2700 Miles

Longest Width East to West: 2300 Miles

Official Religions: The God of Light, The Goddess of Healing

Outlawed Religions: God of Trickery, God of Undeath, The Shade (Night Goddess), The Tempest (Goddess of Storms)

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

  • King Marcus VI
    • Age 52
    • 19th Level Aristocrat (NPC Class), 5th Level Fighter
    • Strength 16, Dexterity 14, Constitution 15, Intelligence 14, Wisdom 17, Charisma 17
    • Alignment: Lawful
    • Description:
      • King Marcus VI is widely regarded as the wisest king, and most beloved, in a thousand years. Under his rule, Aflua has prospered to the richest nation in the world. He chartered all eight guilds and formed the House of Guilds to monitor trade and infrastructure. More miles of road have been built, and more trade has been transacted under his rule than the five previous kings of Aflua combined.
        He participates in tournaments, though only exhibitions. He never competes for land. Marcus is a reasonably accomplished swordsman, though unlike previous kings, does not demand victory in his exhibition fights. In several tournaments Marcus has lost or been injured.
        He also is an active member of both the Temple of Light, and the Temple of Healing. He leans on both temples for guidance in life and in politics, though he is not beholden to either one.
  • Powers of the Monarchy: 
    • Declaring War
    • Conscripting Soldiers
    • Taxing the House of Lords and the House of Guilds
    • Creating Laws
    • Vetoing Laws of Either House
    • Law Enforcement
    • Foreign Policy
    • Granting Title (But not land. Requires majority vote of House of Lords)
    • Stripping Title (And therefore land. With majority vote of both houses)
    • Calling the Tournament of Lords*
      • Determining Prize Lands
    • Granting/Withdrawing Guild Charters
    • Maintaining the Treasury
  • Powers of the House of Lords (18 Members)
    • Levy taxes upon the non-guild citizenry
    • Creation of Laws (That do not affect the Throne)
    • Impeach the Throne (By unanimous vote of all land-owning lords)
    • Veto Power Over the House of Guilds (Majority Vote)
  • Powers of the House of Guilds (8 Chartered Guilds)
    • Sales/Service tax
    • Setting the price of goods and services
    • Trade Pacts/Tariffs with/on foreign kingdoms
    • Protection of goods
    • Impeach a Lord (By unanimous vote of all guild leaders) 
    • Building of Infrastructure

      A Brief Overview of the Afluan Guilds

    • Merchants Guild:
      • The most powerful and richest of all the guilds. They are the travelers and adventurers of the House of Guilds. Crossing the world to bring Aflua’s goods to other nations, they incur the most risk and reap the most profit. Salesmen and con-artists all, they are known for back channel deals and skimming profits. They are also the accountants, bankers, and the auditors of the House of Guilds.
    • Fighters Guild:
      • The Fighters Guild commands the militias of the individual cities and towns across the Kingdom of Light. They are free to sell their services as mercenaries and bodyguards and have made many powerful friends both at home and abroad. They also handle the registration and planning of the Tournament of Lords. Anyone who crosses the Fighters Guild will find themselves at odds with every constable, sell-sword, militiaman, soldier, knight, and Lord in nearly every nation in the world.
    • Mages Guild:
      • Mages are the scientists, engineers, surveyors, and architects of the Kingdom as well as the Kingdom’s educators, philosophers, artists and advisers. Their magic supports all other Guilds. A sword fetches a decent price, but a sword with the most minor of enchantments sells for more than a hundred times its mundane counterpart. The mages speed production of any product, predict and control weather to avert natural disasters, rid the city of pests, and summon winds to sail ships. Many who have angered the Mages Guild have disappeared, never to be heard from again – not that anyone would dare look for them.
        • **Spoiler Alert**
          • The head of the Mages Guild is Justin Hornstall, a powerful illusionist and a lawful man. However, he exercises a loose control over his fellow mages and gives them plenty of autonomy.
    • Smiths Guild
      • If it’s made of metal, it probably has the Smith’s Guild stamp. If it doesn’t, the bearer of any such item is subject to fines and imprisonment. From horseshoes to armor, and from bolts for ships and wagons to rails for the mines, the Smith’s guild has a monopoly on all metal workers in the Kingdom. Cross the Smith’s guild, and anything you ever need crafted had best be made exclusively of wood or stone.
    • Shipbuilders Guild
      • The Shipbuilders maintain the Afluan Trade Company which serves the Crown as both the navy and the only means of oversea trade. They can distribute buccaneer’s licenses, and control all goods and immigration that comes through the ports. Run by hardy fishermen, seamen, and pirates, they are a cutthroat bunch with connections to illegal trade and criminal activity all over the world. Every thieving syndicate, pirate, and harbormaster in Loatia will have a green light to rob or even kill those unfortunate enough to run afoul of them.
    • Wainwright Guild
      • More than just a group of craftsmen that build wagons and wheels. The Wainrights also build, maintain, and establish tolls on all roads and bridges in or out of the Kingdom. They also build small towns to maintain them and have the right to claim eminent domain over all local resources required for their endeavors. Even the Lords do not cross them, lest the Wainwrights decide to construct a road through their lands, laying claim to every town and natural resource in their path.
    • Stonework Guild
      • Miners, masons, and even sculptors all belong tho the Stonework Guild. Every structure in Aflua is built by them, or held to their standards. They maintain all keeps, castles, and forts built in the Kingdom of Aflua. Therefore, they know nearly every secret passage and underground tunnel in the Kingdom. Certain ranks within the guild are privy to certain secrets, with only the Guild Master knowing all. The Stonework Guild boasts a very high percentage of dwarves in the their ranks, nearly 30%, with half-dwarves comprising almost another 15% overall.
    • Farmers Guild
      • The Farmer’s guild has first rights to any fertile land in the Kingdom of Aflua – even if someone already lives there. Independent farmers no longer exist, and the price of all food and livestock is fixed by the guild. The guild also includes ranchers, butchers, and even some of the cooks of the Kingdom. One of the more benevolent guilds, they donate large quantities of food to the every temple in the Kingdom. They often find themselves directly at odds with the Wainwright’s guild over land disputes.

Below is a map of the Kingdom of Aflua. Each color represents a different Lord’s territory. The specifics of those lords, to include character sheets will be included in the next update. Enjoy!


The map below, is not entirely complete. More updates are coming though, so stay tuned.


Author: CJPerry

CJ Perry is sarcastic liberal nerd that played too much Dungeons & Dragons in his youth and never learned respect for authority, couth, or how to line dance. He is a NY transplant in the swing state of NC trying to vote it blue. He enjoys; writing, fantasy, writing fantasy, commas, and long, redundant lists.

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