Lou’s Reviews: Firebolt, by Adrienne Woods


Lou’s Reviews rating 4*


Take a dash of Urban Fantasy, throw in a dollop of Medieval fantasy and mix together, adding equal portions of love, hate, mystery and thriller. Finish off with a surprise topping of dragons and give to a SciFi/Fantasy book lover and leave them in peace for as long as it takes to devour the lot!

I loved this book (and the rest of the series too!). The play between characters, the creativity of the world its set in, there was something different in this book that appealed to me. So, what’s it about?

16 year old Elena has constantly been on the move with her Dad since she was was an infant. Every three months. Seemingly running away from ‘something’. Even her mother couldn’t handle the endless midnight moves and left when Elena was only 2. The only constants in her life are endlessly moving around and the stories her dad has told her since she was little, about a land called Paegeia, full of magic and dragons and Dragonia Academy.

Tonight is different though. Tonight, running will not help. Tonight, the ‘something’ catches up. During their escape attempt, several things happen that cause Elena to doubt her sanity. Firstly, she ‘thinks’ she sees a dragon of all thing chasing them. Secondly, aghast, she watches as her dad turns into a dragon. Then, thirdly, when things can’t get any more weird, Elena finds her self flying through the air, clasped tightly with a dragons claw, until he lets go that is. As she tumbles to the ground, Elena blacks

Before she can take it all in, Elena finds herself in another world without her father.
Her only knowledge of this bizarre land is from bedtime stories. The only strength she has is solving riddles… now she must learn to adapt and live in Paegeia, because apparently, great things are expected of her!

A wonderful aspect of the world Adrienne Woods has created is that it is so similar to our own; it has cars, museums, shopping malls and modern technology but on an more advanced level. Other parts are purely magical. The characters are interesting. You can guarantee you’ll be able to relate them to your own circle of friends from schooldays (except half of them won’t be dragons in their human form). 

All in all, this is a great beginning to what turns out to be a fantastic series.

Author: CJPerry

CJ Perry is sarcastic liberal nerd that played too much Dungeons & Dragons in his youth and never learned respect for authority, couth, or how to line dance. He is a NY transplant in the swing state of NC trying to vote it blue. He enjoys; writing, fantasy, writing fantasy, commas, and long, redundant lists.

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