Dark Communion, by C.J. Perry

Fantasy proggress5a


We all know history is written by the victors, but how do we know the victors were the good guys?

Dark Communion is the first of an epic new fantasy series by author C.J. Perry. The story focuses on a slave of the Minotaurs, Ayla, who’s people have been enslaved to their Minotaur overlords for the past 200 years. Ayla’s own mother died giving birth to one of the beasts. For these slaves are the mothers, daughters and sisters of the Minotaur race. Only the male bloodline are born as beast. The females become breeding stock where birthing a boy is death sentence for it is impossible to carry the beast to term or birth a Minotaur naturally.

After a horrific rape, Ayla prays to her mother to help her, as she has done every night since her mother died, to take her also into deaths arms. However this time her prayers are heard, not by her mother, but by a Dark Goddess who is willing to trade Ayla’s soul for her service to bring down the Minotaur race once and for all.

And so Ayla’s battle begins as she becomes the first priestess of the Dark Goddess in generations to try to end the reign of the undefeated Minotaur, servants of the God of Light, led by the Minotaur son of the Dark Goddess herself! Ayla has to raise an army from a vanquished people, with only her faith to guide her and her love at her side. She must work fast though. In fact, Ayla has less than 9 months, for within her, she carries the result of her rape, and its male.

What I found truly wonderful about this book is how often you try to work out who is the good guy and who is the bad? After all, it’s a well known fact that Dark Gods and Goddesses are evil, aren’t they? And a God of light would never allow his followers to abuse their own women in such a brutal way, would he?

C.J. Perry has quite brilliantly written this first novel in the Godswar Chronicles so that you question what you think you know. Are you really wholeheartedly supporting the Dark side here? Is the Dark side actually the right side, the good side? Is the Light side really the dark side re-writing history to become the light?

Only you can decide… will you partake of ‘Dark Communion’?

I did. And I loved it!

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