Changes Coming to Art of the Arcane Giveaways in April and May

  1. Upgrading to Cognito from Google Forms: 
    • Authors who have been with us for a while probably noticed that we upgraded to Cognito Forms from Google Forms. Google Forms did not handle things like edits and deleted entries in a predictable manner, causing no end of problems with my Integromat Scenarios. Also, Google Forms’ response validation did not allow me to limit responses in important fields, like dates. The upgrade means less errors, and a more streamlined experience for everybody.
  2. New Option: Getting a FREE AotA Landing Page, or Linking to Somewhere Else:  
    • The New AotA Landing Pages: Authors can now get a landing page through, and we hope more people will choose this option as time goes on. Outside links have pushed our bounce rate north of 75%. By keeping readers on the site to claim books, that number will come down.
      • Authors can choose to upload EPUB, and/or MOBI files.
      • When a reader enters their email and requests a copy, they are emailed a dropbox download link for their chosen file type.
      • iPhone/ipad users will need to download the dropbox app. We are working on sending the files via attachment to bypass this requirement. Hopefully attachment sends will be implemented by May.
      • IN MAY Authors with an AotA landing page will be required to integrate their page with either Milchimp or Mailerlite. (Details on the form)
    • Linking to Somewhere Else: There are now only three approved sites authors can link to from our giveaways. In time we hope to phase these out completely, except for Amazon. This is to limit submission errors. 
      • Instafreebie
      • Bookfunnel
      • Amazon
  3. Affiliate Program: We are working on creating an affiliate program for AotA. Authors will be rewarded with credit toward featured promotion slots in giveaways or in the biweekly AotA Newsletter. More information will be available on this is a future update.

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