NEW SERVICE: Paperback Giveaways!

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Due to some larger sites now charging a lot of money to do paperback giveaways, the demand for a free paperback giveaway service has gone up. So, we are introducing FREE Paperback Giveaways. Here are the details:

  1. The Giveaways will be powered by
    • For now, we will have to make each giveaway by hand, so slots in each paperback giveaway will be limited. There will be a waiting list if necessary.
  2. Authors may offer one paperback to give away.
    • For a sliding fee, authors may giveaway up to 10 copies.
  3. Authors will receive subscribers.
    • Consent to author and Art of the Arcane emails will follow GDPR guidelines.
    • Double Opt-ins highly recommended.
  4. We will keep a record of all your giveaways for 1 year in case your mail service company asks for proof of consent by your subscribers.
  5. Authors may choose premium add-ons for a fee:
    • Facebook Likes
    • Instagram Follows
    • Twitter Follows
    • Podcast Subscribes
    • YouTube Subscribes
  6. The giveaway page will look just like the ebook giveaway pages. The only difference is that when the book cover is clicked on, the reader is taken to the paperback giveaway page.

Be sure to sign up for them on the giveaway signup page!



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