Author Services

We are currently adding to the services we offer authors who join us for giveaways, so check back often to see what’s new.

  1. Newsletter Swaps: We know that most authors join our giveaways attempting to grow their subscriber lists. Newsletter swaps are another great way to do that. So, the first of these services we have decided to create for you is our new Newsletter Swap Digest. What is it? It’s a new service that brings newsletter swaps to your inbox. Click on the dropdown menu above and check it out.
  2. Book Covers: THE biggest factor, by FAR, that determines the number of clicks and downloads of your book during giveaways is your cover. Great covers get tons of downloads. So, if you are noticing your numbers are not keeping up with the averages of your fellow authors during giveaways, a new cover might be one thing to consider as a solution. Here are two of your fellow authors who make professional, reasonably priced covers.


  3. Editors: We are currently looking for editors within our community who would like to help their fellow authors for free or at a steeply discounted rate.
  4. Reviewers: So far, we only have one, the bookivore, Louise Cromie. She picks a book from each giveaway and posts a review. If you would like to request a review from her, feel free to comment on one of her reviews and ask. We make no promises as to whether or not she will accept it. Lou likes her freedom to choose. If you would be interested in posting reviews of books from our giveaways, please click the contact us section at the top. We cant offer you much in return, except the undying gratitude of our authors, and perhaps some free books and beta reading opportunities.
  5. Hosted Giveaways: Do you need some more subscribers or followers for your blog? Does 3000 – 5000 unique views sound like something your blog could use? Do you have great content, but no way to pull traffic to your site? Then let us host a giveaway on your site. We will bring 3000 – 5000+ unique views, all readers, to your site during a two week giveaway. Each giveaway is sure to get you scores, or even hundreds of new subscribers and followers on your blog. Contact us for details.

If you need the password to any of the above author services section, please join our facebook group and ask someone there. These services are only for authors who are a part of our community.