Author Testimonials

“When you are a new author, after a while you come to the realisation that a mailing list is the most important marketing tool you can possess. And it doesn’t cost anything. Except skill and time.
But getting off that first rung, getting some names to start with, that is hard. Oh, but not just the first rung – every rung seems to get harder and harder as you struggle to get names into your list, always searching for a magic number.
Enter the Art of the Arcane with their giveaways. A superb collaboration with other authors, all in the same situation as yourself, which sees your mailing list increasing all the time. A stairway to writing success.
Thank you Art of the Arcane. Damn you, I have to pay for my Mailchimp account now!”

-Rex Sumner 

Thank you Rex! This is why we dont have a minimum list size requirement. We LOVE being a part of a new author’s success story.

-CJ Perry, Art of the Arcane

Art of the Arcane gives excellent promo! Everything smooth as silk, well up to industry standard for timely information, early warnings before launch, opportunities to correct goofed links–just a pleasure to work with!

-Jennifer Stevenson

Thanks Jennifer! We try to maintain a high level of professionalism in everything we do. Our signup forms are integrated with our mail services to enable things like welcome emails that contain your submitted information for you to verify, and automated reminder emails. Almost every aspect of our giveaways is automated and streamlined, but if you have a problem, or make a mistake, we are always around to help. We answer most emails and resolve most issues within a few hours. Nothing is more important to us than making sure our giveaway goes smoothly. Yes, ‘OUR’ – as Jennifer would no doubt tell you, we all work together here. 🙂

-CJ Perry, Art of the Arcane

Art of the arcane has been one of the most crucial parts of growing my fan base online. Each months my readership has grown and so has my friendship with other authors

-Karl Bourdiec

Thanks Karl! We do our best to create a sense of community with the authors who join our giveaways and promotions.

CJ Perry, Art of the Arcane

I’ve been really impressed with the personal touch AotA has. The giveaways and newsletter swaps are really straight-forward and they’re always happy to take suggestions and feedback from authors.

-Brhi Stokes

Thanks Brhi! Our secret is the fact that we have no secrets. Many giveaways/promotions dont show you the actual click numbers, visits, sales, conversion rates, etc… We do – even when the numbers arent great. Why? Because transparency invites authors to be more personally invested in the promos, and builds trust. This creates a more personal relationship, increases share rates, and allows the community of authors to contribute their ideas in a more meaningful way. When there are problems, our authors know and become part of crafting a solution. Author and reader feedback is something we take seriously. We dont like to let good ideas sit, or to let problems linger.

CJ Perry, Art of the Arcane

Art of the Arcane consistently runs author promotions that work. They keep you informed, the group does their part, we all reap the rewards.

-Shane Thomas

We average between 60-70 books, 240k – 250k subscriber reach, 14.2k clicks per promo, and more than 245 clicks per individual book in our giveaways. 95% of all authors who join our promos hold up their end of the deal and share the promo in their newsletters and on their social media accounts. This is all thanks to authors like Shane. Thanks for being part of this, Shane.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” – John F. Kennedy

CJ Perry, Art of the Arcane

Art of the Arcane is for indie authors by indie authors. Building a community of fellow travelers all with books in our head and a need to publish. If you want to build your newsletter list, and to grow your network of authors, join Art of the Arcane.

-Kenna Shaw Reed

Thanks Kenna! That’s the goal, to build a community of indie authors and connect them with readers.

-CJ Perry, Art of the Arcane

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our latest promotion or giveaway. It doesnt cost anything, so what have you got to lose? Come visit our facebook group, and say hi to Shane, Rex, Brhi, Karl, Jennifer and all the others. We would love to have you become part of our little community. 🙂

CJ Perry, Art of the Arcane