What’s Next For Art of the Arcane?

In the upcoming months, Art of the Arcane will be entering the indie publishing world. For years now we have provided authors with much-needed advice, services, group promotions, and newsletter swaps.

Some of these endeavors, like our group promotions, have been met with tremendous success. Others, like Newsletter Swap Digest, not as much. But through it all our author group on Facebook has grown to nearly 1000 members, and our authors are more engaged than ever. Thank you to all of you who have taken an active role in our community.

Our first book will come from the creator of Art of the Arcane, and is geared towards authors. The book is Grow Your Email List for Free: A Beginners Guide to Getting 2000 Subscribers in Three Months Without Spending a Penny. It is the culmination of years of research and helping authors do just what the title says. It is due to hit online retailers in May, and the price will be $3.99.

We also have begun a Flash Fiction Contest where the prize is free promotion by AotA in the form of featured placement in our group promos, a free spot in our newsletter, and a $25 gift card. That’s over $65 in prizes, or $0.065 a word. Winners will also be included in a SFF Anthology Publication by Art of the Arcane. For more details, check the official post in our Facebook group, or the submission/signup form.

Last, but certainly not least, Joe Solari has agreed to blog about the business of writing here on Art of the Arcane! Joe has been a speaker at the insanely popular 20BooksVegas writers conference, and is fast becoming a well-known figure in the indie publishing world. Find him in the Facebook group 20Booksto50k, or in our own little corner of facebook. We will send out a newsletter announcing his first post.

See you in the group, or in the next cross-promo.




#Worldbuilding Basics: 7 Tips for Supporting Characters

What makes a good supporting character in a game or story? How do you make sure they don’t overshadow you main characters, but still stay interesting? From Han Solo (Star Wars…duh), to The Hound (Game of Thrones), D.C. Fergerson, once again, breaks down the art of storytelling in 7 Tips for Supporting Characters. It contains no less than 40 pop culture references, and of course a few shameless plugs…

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#WorldBuilding Series: 7 Tips for Strong Antagonists, by DC Fergerson

What makes a good antagonst? From Darth Vader to Dr. Evil, DC Fergerson explains. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Also be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get a free copy of his first book, The Singer and the Charlatan, as well as CJ Perry’s, Dark Communion, and news about upcoming videos!

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#Worldbuilding Basics – 7 Tips for Religion and Politics, by DC Fergerson

In every world, fantasy or otherwise, these two subjects are central to any culture. But how do you create your own? What makes a convincing fantasy religion?

DC Fergerson answers those questions and more in the latest installment of our #WorldBuilding series. Be sure to like and subscribe. For an inside look at the next videos rolling out, free offers, roleplaying resources, and Amazon Gift Card raffles…

Don’t forget to like and subscribe to DC Fergerson’s Channel!

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Our first video on world building! These are the guiding principals that built D.C. Fergerson and CJ Perry’s world. The video will be a first in a series and will be aimed at helping new and veteran D&D players, novelists, and short story writers alike create worlds that suspend disbelief and draw in their readers and players.

Be sure to like and subscribe to D.C. Fergerson’s YouTube channel to get new videos and updates as they come out. This information is invaluable, whether you are new to world building, or veteran creators like us.

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