Loatia, The World of the Godswar Chronicles: Aflua, the Kingdom of Light

In Dark Communion, the Kingdom of Light is mentioned only briefly. In Book 2, The Apostate Prince, we meet a visitor from there, but the story will not visit this great Kingdom until Book 4. Here you can learn more about it, from races, to official religions, and from government to guilds. Almost everything needed for a campaign in this kingdom is here. Stay tuned though, more maps and details are coming…



  • 74% Human

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#DnD #Pathfinder Resource: Three (New) Half-Races of Loatia

New Half-Races for your #Roleplaying pleasure.

New Half-Races for your #Roleplaying pleasure.



+1 Strength +2 Constitution, +1 Wisdom, –3 Charisma: Half-dwarves, like Half-elves, Continue reading “#DnD #Pathfinder Resource: Three (New) Half-Races of Loatia”

The Priests, Pantheons, and Gods of Loatia

NOTE: This Outline of the Pantheons of Loatia is still undergoing some edits. Shared Domains will soon denote which God they are shared from, additional granted powers for chosen/high priests will be added, and other changes are coming shortly. So, check back often! The PDF is at the bottom if you want to download it. It will be updated each time the post is. 🙂

Something to consider first:

Alignment: The Godswar Campaign Setting operates on a “single axis alignment system” as it existed in 1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons. The single axis consists of three alignments:

lawful, implying honor and respect for society’s rules; chaotic, implying rebelliousness and individualism; and neutral, seeking a balance between the extremes.” (Wikipedia)

This single axis system allows…

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