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#Worldbuilding Dojo – Crafting Your Tale

From outline to first draft, the master of Kung Fu and Friendship breaks it all down with his method for writing.   Blocking Out Character Arcs This is so important we’re going to have it in big bold letters. The person who goes through…

#Worldbuilding Dojo – Relationships (In Dialogue)

    Tech Talks See what I did there again? Yeah, you saw it. So clever. Let’s get into context clues buried within technobabble so we can talk future stuff and not lose our audience. First, let’s take this snippet of dialogue from Star…

#Worldbuilding Dojo – Let’s Time Travel

Plotting Time Travel The key to plotting satisfying time travel stories is to make sure you keep them grounded in satisfying story arcs. For all its complication, Interstellar is a story of one father’s love for his daughter. Groundhog Day is about making the…

#Worldbuilding Dojo – The Hero’s World

We don’t want James Bond foiling bank robberies, and saving the world seems to be above John McClain’s pay grade. So let’s talk about framing your world correctly for the hero you create!  

#Worldbuilding Dojo – When It’s Done Wrong: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Trying something new here, we’re going to look at the rules we’ve covered in past videos and how breaking them is leaving a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. There are MAJOR SPOILERS in this video. I strongly recommend you see the movie before ever…

#Worldbuilding Dojo – The Hero’s Origin

From our start as a humble farmboy to the solar-powered space god, we’re looking at how to craft the origin of your hero on the world you’ve made. You might even learn a thing or two about the Master of Kung Fu and Friendship….

#Worldbuilding Dojo: MacGuffins

Whether you’re Indiana Jones or Nicholas Cage, if you spend your whole story chasing after something, it’s our buddy the MacGuffin. Let’s see how to use this to our advantage!

#Worldbuilding Dojo: Cliche vs. Tropes

In the first episode of the new season, we go over how Jacob’s Ladder and Wizard of Oz have more in common than it appears, and how to make story sandwiches.

#Worldbuilding Basics: 6 Tips for Tying it All Together!

This video covers tying your world together. From Midichlorians to Pulp Fiction, learn how to get all your elements combined!  

#Worldbuilding Basics – 8 Tips for Technology and Magic

From setting limitations on Neo to breaking the system with Marty McFly, we’re looking at guidelines for Technology and Magic Systems in your world!

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