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#Worldbuilding Basics: 6 Tips for Geography and Mapmaking

Mountains, rivers, and deserts, oh my! D.C. Fergerson breaks down a refresher course on our 8th grade Earth Science class to explain classic mistakes in creating your world, and why water is kind of a jerk.

#Worldbuilding Basics: 6 Tips for Law and Order

From Fight Club to Star Trek, learn how to establish rules for your world without making smell-the-fart-acting mistakes.

#Worldbuilding Basics: 6 Tips for Setting and Theme

From Neo proclaiming his acquisition of Irish stepdancing, to a muffin-top metaphor for storytelling, it’s all here. It’s all about setting and theme in this one, and how to make sure your story – your world – doesnt go off the rails. “Show me…

#Worldbuilding Basics: 5 Pitfalls in Storytelling

From broken promises to mental gymnastics, and from Jar-Jar Binks to Night of the Living Dead, D.C. Fergerson explains what to avoid in your story. Whether it’s D&D, a novel, or a film, these mistakes are a no-no.

#Worldbuilding Basics: 7 Tips for Supporting Characters

What makes a good supporting character in a game or story? How do you make sure they don’t overshadow you main characters, but still stay interesting? From Han Solo (Star Wars…duh), to The Hound (Game of Thrones), D.C. Fergerson, once again, breaks down the…

#WorldBuilding Series: 7 Tips for Strong Antagonists, by DC Fergerson

What makes a good antagonst? From Darth Vader to Dr. Evil, DC Fergerson explains. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Also be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get a free copy of his first book, The Singer and the Charlatan, as…

#Worldbuilding Basics – 7 Tips for Religion and Politics, by DC Fergerson

In every world, fantasy or otherwise these two subjects are central to any culture. But how do you create your own? What makes a convincing convincing fantasy religion?

#WorldBuilding series: World Building Basics, by DC Fergerson

Our first video on world building! These are the guiding principals that built D.C. Fergerson and CJ Perry’s world. The video will be a first in a series and will be aimed at helping new and veteran D&D players, novelists, and short story writers…

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