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Our Privacy Statement for Authors and Readers:

(The privacy policy authors must agree to is below ours.)

  1. We will never sell your email address to a third party. 
  2. If you requested a book through an outside link in one of our giveaways, please see that hosts privacy statement. We only allow authors to link to reputable sites, and only three: instafreebie, bookfunnel, and amazon. Any time you download a book from one of these sites or provide them your email, your personal information will be processed and protected by their privacy policy.
  3. If you signed up for our newsletter via the popup Mailchimp form on the site, your information will be sent to Mailchimp to be processed and protected according to their privacy policy. Our purpose in doing so is to send you only 2 marketing emails per month notifying you of new giveaways, free books, paperback giveaways, and $0.99 book promotions.
  4. We use Elastic Email for some marketing and transactional emails. Your information will be sent to to Elastic Email to be processed and protected according to their privacy policy.
  5. The other sites and utilities we use for storage of your personal information include: Google Forms, Cognito Forms, Google Drive, WordPress, and Dropbox. Your information is processed and protected in accordance with these companies’ privacy policy.
  6. We keep no copies of your information on our local drive. 
  7. We integrate many of our services together with the use of Your information may be stored there for purposes of executing automations for certain services such as giveaways, and Newsletter Swap Digest. That information is processed and protected by Integromat’s privacy policy.
  8. If you signed up our newsletter via one of our contests or paperback giveaways. We use giveaway and contest platforms such as Rafflecopter, King Sumo, Promosimple, and, and your information will be processed by them and protected in accordance with their privacy policy.
  9. Joining our newsletter requires a double opt-in. You cannot signup for our newsletter without giving your express consent. 


  1. You will never share or sell subscribers emails or personal information. 
  2. You will treat subscribers information with respect
  3. Your purpose in obtaining a subscriber’s email is to get in touch with them and for marketing purposes.
  4. Readers can change their mind at any time by clicking an unsubscribe link that will be in the footer of every email you send them.
  5. You use a reputable company for emails from the following list
    • Aweber
    • Mailchimp
    • Mailerlite
    • Elastic Email
    • Constant Contact
    • (If you would like another added to this list, please let us know and we will look into it.)
  6. You will only use outside links from instafreebie, bookfunnel, or amazon.
  7. You agree to use double opt-in on your subscriber lists. (This is GDPR Best practice)


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