Newsletter Swap Digest



Q: What is the point of this? Cant I just find my swaps on facebook?
A: Of course you can, but the point of NSD is to limit the amount of searching we all have to do. Now, swap opportunities will show up in your inbox once a week.

Q: What is a newsletter swap digest?
A: A bunch of people looking to cross-promote their books in their newsletters all listed in one weekly email.

Q: Will I be obligated to join a promo if I’m uncomfortable with it?
A: Absolutely NOT. This is not a service that forces swaps or prearranges anything. The email you receive every week would simply list the updated interested participants by genre and the individuals themselves take it from there setting up the cross-promoting.

Q: Where is my welcome email?
A: The welcome email will UNDOUBTEDLY end up in your promotions tab or in your spam folder. Please fish it out of there and follow the instructions within to make sure it doesnt continue to go there. You dont want to miss your newsletter swap opportunities. If you dont see it, just wait about 15 minutes and check again.

Q: How often will I get Emails?
A: Weekly, or not at all depending on your settings. (See “Seeking Swaps” on the form)

Q: When does the email go out?
A: At ~11:00am every Wednesday.

Q: Can I submit more than one book?
A: No. For now it is one book per google account. I am working on a solution to this, but it will take time.


PLEASE NOTE: This is in the open BETA testing phase. If you find a bug or have any suggestions, please contact me at or fill out the contact form on the site. (Link Above)