Science Fiction & Fantasy

Each month we host a science fiction and fantasy giveaway. We scour facebook, goodreads, the kindle boards, and every other place we can think of to find SFF authors who are willing to share their work for free. As fantasy authors ourselves, we maintain relationships with many SFF sites, blogs, and facebook groups who are gracious enough to let us recruit authors from their ranks. They understand that we are looking to help authors grow their readership, and nothing more. We dont charge authors to join our giveaways, and nor do we charge readers to download dozens of free books.

So please go to the menu above, and check out our current giveaway(s) and bargain book sales. Support the authors by subscribing to their newsletters, and support Art of the Arcane by checking out the featured books in the sidebar, and on the giveaway/sale pages. Doing so keeps us coming back every month! If there are no active giveaways at the moment, know that we are working hard to get the next one together for you. To be notified of new promotions and contests you can join our mailing list!


The Art of the Arcane Team