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Thank you so much for signing up. Your support is appreciated! Be sure to check your inbox for a confirmation email from AotA as well as Cognito Forms. Our email will contain your share link, share date, and share image. The Cognito Forms email will contain all of your submitted info. Please double check that it is all correct. The info you submitted on the form is exactly how it will appear on the giveaway page.

You can find the FAQ and the links to the appropriate genre facebook pages for each giveaway here. On those pages are shareable posts to get other authors to sign up. The more authors we get, the more successful your book will be in the promo. There are also shareable posts aimed at readers for once the giveaway begins.

You’ll be able to track your book’s performance in the giveaway there as well. There is a post where all you will have to do is enter your book title, and our system will respond with a comment telling you how many clicks it has received.

There are also lots of other useful links here. If you have any questions, let us know. You can post on the giveaway’s facebook page.




Do I have to read ALL of this? Can I just get the Cliff Notes?

Sure. Here are the 3 biggest rules.

  1. Share the giveaway on the selected share date using the unique author share link we provide. This is mandatory.Authors who do not share run the risk of having their book removed and missing out on future giveaways. We do not want that to happen, and provide every author with email reminders, and plenty of communication to help prevent it.
  2. One book and one giveaway per author per month. No exceptions.
    • To find out how to participate in consecutive giveaways, please see the Contest Donations section.
  3. The same book cannot appear in the same genre giveaway again for 2 months. (ie If your SciFi book appeared in a Scifi & Fantasy giveaway in December, then it cannot appear in a SciFi giveaway again until February, skipping the month of January. However, if your SciFi book is a SciFi Romance, then it can be submitted to a Romance giveaway in January.)

Here are your resources:

  1. Author Services section of Art of the Arcane
    • Find the share dates and images for all authors in each giveaway. Participants in the April (2018) giveaways, and every giveaway thereafter will be able to enter their email address and have their share info emailed to them.
    • Sign up for giveaways and promotions
  2. The facebook group
    • Pinned post in the Facebook Group: i. Contains links to each giveaway’s page. On the giveaway pages you can check you book’s clicks, take a look at the new books being submitted for the following month’s giveaway, and find shareable posts.



The Master Signup Form

The Master Signup Form is designed to collect information that will be essential to building the giveaway and for tracking its success.

    • What are some common mistakes make on the signup form?

      • Not reading it
      • Entering a bad image link
        • It’s not something a lot of people commonly do, so pulling the image link for their cover may be a bit new to most people. It’s actually a lot less complicated than most think it is.
        • Right click on the cover of your book on amazon, bookfunnel, or wherever. A tiny menu appears.
          • FOR FIREFOX:
            • Select “Copy Image Location”
          • FOR CHROME:
            • Select “Copy image address”
        • Then, just paste it into the “Book Image” field on the signup form.
        • Make sure your image link comes from a major site like amazon, bookfunnel, or instafreebie. Smaller sites may have bandwidth restrictions that could break the link if it is exceeded.
      • Entering a bad book link, or multiple links
      • Make sure your link has the word “Free” in it, not “book”
      • Make sure your link does NOT have the word “dashboard” in it
    • Please do not use short urls from bitly, google, or anywhere else. It will crash the automation. Please link directly to your book download, not to another page with several places to go.
    • NOTE: The more clicks a reader is forced to commit to, the less chance they will make it to the download. It’s a basic rule of internet marketing.


There are a bunch of giveaways. How many can I sign up for?

  1. One giveaway per month, per author. No exceptions.
    • Why?
      • Because we want to maximize the number of views and don’t want authors to wear out their newsletter audiences with our giveaways. If an author’s readers see 2-3 giveaways by Art of the Arcane in every newsletter, they will stop clicking.
      • You will be entered into the giveaway you signed up for last.
      • For a way to enter a second promotion or giveaway in one month, please see the “Contest Donations” section.
  2. How do I get subscribers?
    • If you provide a link to instafreebie or bookfunnel, you get subscribers when they sign up to get your book.
    • If you link to Amazon. You get downloads and improved rank, but not subscribers.
    • If you select to make a FREE landing page with Art of the Arcane, and upload your book files, you will get a list of subscribers via email at the end of the giveaway. Starting in April or May we will provide mailchimp and mailerlite integrations.

My Email Address – Why do you need it?

  1. Four reasons:
    1. To be able to contact you about changes to the giveaway.
    2. To notify you of upcoming promotion opportunities
    3. To contact you with reminders when it’s your turn to share in the giveaway.
    4. To send you your list of subscribers at the end of the giveaway (See: How do I get subscribers?)

The Share Image – Do I have to use it?

We would prefer it if you did, but it is not mandatory. Some people do not like to include a bunch of images in their newsletters because they can activate spam filters. We understand, and just ask that you include a bit of description about our giveaway so people at least know what the link is all about. However, we find that people who use the image bring about 50-100% more visitors to the site. That’s a big difference, so if you can use it, please do. We work hard on these images and try to make sure they are creative and professional-looking.

Why do you need a Share Date? Where’s the trust?

  1. We plan our own marketing during the lulls in when people have agreed to share. We don’t run ads every single day of the giveaway, but rather to compensate when predicted shares are lower than the average. This helps reduce advertising costs, and keeps the prices of featured slots reasonable. Even a tiny budget of $8 a day can absorb a majority of the proceeds from featured spots if they are run the entire length of a giveaway. This way, we can have bigger budgets on fewer days to get better results, and save a little money. Why do we need to save money? For things like paying for our integration services, hosting costs, upgrades to the site, and a (very) small consideration for the people who work so hard to keep these giveaways running. We also keep a small nest egg to the side for incidental costs.
  2. It lets us know when to remind you to share. We all forget things, especially with the number of giveaways, swaps, promotions… and all the other things we do as authors. We have to do so much to promote ourselves and still get some writing done! It’s easy, with all of that, to have some things slip through the cracks.

Subscriber Count – I thought there was no minimum list size, so why do you need to know?

  1. Again, this is so we can predict our advertising needs, but also for things like predicting the overall number of clicks on individual books, unique visits to the site, and honestly – bragging rights. Big numbers that are both verifiable and honest, attract new authors.

My Book Link – Why do you need it, what do you do with it, and how can I track clicks on it?

  1. Your book link, obviously, tells us where to find your book if you did not select to create a FREE landing page with Art of the Arcane. Our integration with the form then takes that link and creates a google short url for it. That short url is then used on the page to redirect people from the giveaway to your specific book. (We are working on creating our own url shortner.) Each time the short url is clicked, google tracks it.
    Any google short url can be tracked by simply adding “.info” or a “+” to the end of it and pasting it into your browser’s address bar.

My Book Image Link – Why do you want it from such specific locations, and why do you need it?

  1. We use HTML to build the giveaway page. Your image link is part of that. The reason we want you to provide it is to keep the creation of the page less time-consuming for us, so that in turn, we can host more giveaways. How does it save time? Imagine having to go to 60-70 different pages per giveaway, get the link, and then plug it into your code as you are working on it. Instead, we have automated the process. The image link you provide is plugged into an HTML template that auto-generates the giveaway page. So, the link has to be correct, and stable. If the link you provided is wrong, leads to a page that no longer exists, or is connected to somewhere that you have a bandwidth limit that could be exceeded, the image for your book wont show. So, the safest bet is to grab the image link from one of the big boys on the block; amazon, instafreebie, bookfunnel, and sites like that.

What are the OPTIONAL Promotion Slots all about?

Top of the Page Slots:

As the name of the section suggests, these are NOT mandatory. We offer featured spots to people who are willing to pay to be at the top of the page. “Top of the Page” Featured spots place your book at the very top of the main giveaway page. It will be the one of the first books visitors see. We also include a much larger amount of text than the usual 240-character limit. Many people can fit their entire blurb, or at least most of it, in a featured spot. This allows the reader to know a little more about your book, and increases the number of clicks it gets by 80 – 200%. While that is a big range, the average is 100% more than the non-featured books. Of course, your mileage may vary. There are a lot of factors, but the biggest ones seem to be:
  1. Your COVER
    • This should go without saying, but great covers do better than not-so great ones. This is by FAR the biggest factor. However, books with sub-par covers will still perform, on-average, 80 -100% better than they would have. Even if you only get 200 clicks, had you not gotten a featured spot, you could cut that number in half. Though, to get the best bang for your buck, make sure that cover is on-point. If you aren’t sure, ask for a critique in the facebook group, or one of your other writing groups.
  2. Your Blurb
    • Again, this should go without saying. As authors, we all need to make sure that the short description of our book is alluring to readers. This is your one chance to talk to them, and convince them to read your book. Make it the best you can. If you need help with it, again, post in the facebook group and ask for help.
  3. The Frequency Your Book Appears in giveaways
    • As authors, we often run in some pretty tight circles. Chances are you learned about giveaways from a fellow author and friend. They share in the same giveaways, and they learned about it from their friend, who is also your friend…. Take a look around instafreebie giveaways and you will notice A LOT of the same titles in multiple giveaways of the same genre. This is part of the reason for our policy of “One book and one giveaway per author, per month.”

Email Feature Slots

The Art of the Arcane newsletter goes out during each giveaway. Your email feature will be included in that email, AND it will be included in the welcome email to new subscribers to the Art of the Arcane site.

Where is my Welcome Email, and why do I need to open it?

  1. Inside the welcome email you will find essential information for the giveaway such as your “Author Share Link.” (See Below) You should receive the email within 15 minutes of filling out the form. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder or promotions tab, it is probably there. If you still don’t see it after 15 minutes, contact us at In most cases, the email will display the information you submitted via the form, so you can double check it. If you don’t check it, we are not responsible for any errors in your submission that make it to the giveaway page. Or worse, we may not include it – it will depend on our communication with that author.

The Author Share Link – What is it and why do you use it?

The strictest requirement we have at Art of the Arcane is the mandatory use of the “Author Share Link”. The Author Share Link is a unique google short url created for each individual author for the purposes of tracking who shares, and who does not. Most authors understand the necessity for this, and don’t mind using it. Many appreciate the ease of having a premade link, image, and an email they can keep that has all the info they need.
Why is it necessary? This is something we all learned in Kindergarten, cooperation means everyone doing their part, and sharing is caring. Or in other words, everyone sharing is part of the deal you make by signing up. And people not doing their share of the work is not fair to the other authors who do, and nor is it fair to us here at AotA. We do a LOT of work to insure these giveaways are a success, and we only ask one thing in return, share us in your newsletter using a link and an image we supply. If you don’t have a list, or you are just starting yours – that’s fine, there are plenty of other ways to share. We love helping new authors grow their list, and everyone sharing makes that possible.
Any author whose link shares remain at zero until the day after their share date will get a polite reminder asking, “Did you forget to share?” in their email. Those who do not answer, or refuse to share, may end up having their book removed, and risk not being able to participate in future promos. So far, we have only had to do this a few times. It is done discretely, and the author’s name is added to a private blacklist. That list will trigger a response authenticator on our forms, and reject their submission automatically.

Do I get Reminder Emails?

The day before your share date you will receive an email from Art of the Arcane reminding you to share. It usually goes out at 11am. In that email will be the same information as your welcome email: the image, and the Author Share Link.
The day of the share date you will receive another automated reminder at about 9am. Again, it will contain your Author Share Link and the share image.

How can I check my book’s performance?

During a GIVEAWAY you can check your book’s performance on the appropriate giveaway facebook page. You can also check and see how the other authors are doing, which will help you gauge your own book’s performance.
During Bargain Book Sale promotions, I have to track the link clicks and post them manually. They will be posted in the facebook group periodically throughout the promotion.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at, or stop by the facebook group
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