Upcoming Giveaway Signups

For the past few months, our giveaways have averaged 62 books, 1/4 of a million subscriber reach, with 240+ clicks per individual book, and 14,200 clicks overall. We track all clicks, to include author shares, and have had a 95% author share rate as a result. So you can be sure that you wont be the only one doing your part. We all work together toward the common goal of subscribers/downloads here. 🙂

If you have any questions, be sure and stop by our facebook group and ask. It’s still small, becasue we keep it exclusive to our giveaway and promo authors. Of course, you can always contact us with your questions as well. cjperry@artofthearcane.com

Signup for the February Giveaways are now open. All FREE books, short stories, and previews from the appropriate genres are accepted. There is no minimum list size or cost to join. The only stipulation is that the book you submit cannot have been part of the December Holiday Giveaway. Both the Romance, and the SFF giveaway will run from February 1st through the 15th.

If you want a featured spot in either one, be sure to grab it now. Typically they do not last past early signup.



Art of the Arcane has decided to expand its horizons and include some new genres. The most requested genre by authors has been Romance. From PNR to more traditional Romance, we have had a relatively steady number of requests each month. We have decided to honor our visitors wishes and are proud to announce our first ever Romance Giveaway!

Click either of the 2 images below to sign up for our romance giveaway!



Click on the image below to sign up for the February Bargain Sale!

(Books must be SciFi or Fantasy, $0.99, and available on Amazon through the promotion dates. Books from the January Bargain Book sales are not permitted. Sorry, but this is to keep the selection fresh for our readers.)