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Our giveaways average 50 books, and 215k subscriber reach with 205+ clicks per book, and 11,800 clicks overall. We track all clicks, to include author shares, and have had a 93 -95% author share rate as a result. So you can be sure that you wont be the only one doing your part. We all work together toward the common goal of subscribers/downloads here. 🙂

If you have any questions, be sure and stop by our facebook group and ask. It’s still small, becasue we keep it exclusive to our giveaway and promo authors. Of course, you can always contact us with your questions as well.

For our giveaways, all FREE books, short stories, and previews from the appropriate genres are accepted. There is no minimum list size or cost to join. If you want a featured spot in either one, be sure to grab it now. Typically they do not last past early signup.


The form may take  minute to load. Please be patient. 🙂 IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH THE FORM, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY AT


Returning Giveaway Authors:

If you lost your share date, image, or share link, just enter the email you signed up for the giveaway with in the field below. We will email you your share image, share date, and share link within a few minutes.


  1. We are proud to announce that our landing pages will now be integrated with Mailchimp or Mailerlite! All you will need is your API Key, and Your Group/List ID. (Details and instructions on the form) 
  2. FREE PAPERBACK GIVEAWAYS! Now you can elect to giveaway a paperback during our giveaways, FREE. You can offer a regular paperback that you ship directly from your POD service, or you can offer an autographed paperback to try for more entries.
    • This service also has Mailerlite and Mailchimp integration at no additional cost. This way, every person who enters will be added to your mailing list.
      • Joining an Author’s Newsletter clearly stipulated in the title of your giveaway as such:Join [author name]’s newsletter and enter to win a free paperback of [book title]!” 
        • GDPR Compliant
        • We will keep a copy of your concluded giveaway should you ever need it.
        • Setting your list to double opt-ins is required.
      • Features, and premium add-on services ($):
        • Get Facebook Likes, Instagram Follows, Twitter Follows, Podcast Subscribes, and/or YouTube Subscribes
          (all in addition to mailing list subscribers.)
        • Have Multiple Winners



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